Bear Mountain Forge Custom Work Guide

I will not make these types of items or implements:
- Katanas or “Ninja Swords”
- Spring loaded blades (switchblades, assassin’s creed hidden blade, assisted opening folders, etc.)
- No copyrighted weapons, unless you are the copyright holder
- No Blades over 50″ long
                    - No Blades over 4″ width                    
I will not modify/rehilt/etc any sword made by another smith, unless it is a collaboration project. This is both to ensure quality and to avoid certain liability issues, I also will not directly copy another smith’s work.
I work in a variety of mediums. I do a mixture of stock removal and forging depending on the piece. My steels for swords are primarily 5160 or 6150 and 80crv2. My knife and dagger steel range heavily. I can also do pattern weld, san-mai and layered steel blades.
I make a wide variety of blades and other forged products, my specialty is historical and historically plausible pieces. Some examples include high-quality swords, historical knives, chef’s knives, custom hunting knives, polearms and even jewelry.  I love exotic materials, beautiful wood, and doing file work/engraving, which I feel sets my pieces apart. My goal is to make functioning, practical, and beautiful tools and weapons to be used over a lifetime. I have a very basic smithy, with few power tools. I do not use presses, power hammers, tool rests or jigs, every piece is made entirely by hand and eye.

This is just a guide.  No prices mentioned here are final, as each custom piece is unique and may require different techniques, and/or materials. The time to create a piece ranges heavily as well depending on complexity and extras.  Extras include Fullers, Filework, Engravings, Gemstones, Precious Metals, Electro-Plating, Complex Shapes or Geometry, Custom Finishes, and more. Each item can raise the final price, depending on complexity and extent of work.
All swords can now be supplied with a scabbard for an additional cost, all knives will still ship with Standard sheathes unless otherwise noted, everything ships with protective cases.
My stock pieces range widely in pricing, and you may very well find something in stock you like as well.

Please keep in mind that I do not require the 50% Deposit for swords or complex builds until we have agreed on all details and elements. Once the final design and price has been agreed upon, a deposit will be required to secure your spot in the queue, this deposit is a notice of intent, as well as allows me to buy the materials if needed.
Deposits are no longer required for custom knives under 12” blade length, although once work is complete, there will only be a 45 day grace period for the agreed amount price to be paid fully before delivery. I may ask for a deposit for complex daggers or historical pieces.

Shipping is done via USPS Priority with tracking and insurance, unless otherwise requested (charges could apply). International shipping is dependent on materials, destination and size, please don’t hesitate to ask as I have shipped internationally.

I do have a “real” career. At certain times of the year I can be working a full work week or the whole month in the shop, sometimes I’m on location for my “real job” and it might be weeks or months until I’m back in the shop. For commissions I work in the order of which pieces were paid/deposited, my wait list can be up to a year to a year and half long, but I do my best to get swords delivered within 6 months of deposit, and knives within 3 months. Being a one man shop, things can and do happen to delay work, when these events do occur, I will try to communicate what it happening in a timely matter.


Monosteel (High Carbon) Blades
Damascus (High Carbon) Blades
Mono-steel Swords (Fully Functional)
$1500 - single hand
$2000 - longsword
Damascus Swords (Fully Functional)
I stand behind my work and offer a limited warranty, if a piece fails under normal use, I will repair the item. Any abuse such as using it as a crowbar, or using the piece in a way it wasn’t designed to function, could potentially damage the blade and I will typically not cover that type of damage. Each piece ships with care instructions. I also honor Chris Cushman’s (Penguin Arms) lifetime warranty if you are fortunate to have one of his pieces.

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