I started my smithing journey in a very roundabout way. I was first involved in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) which is the study of the European martial techniques with a heavy focus on weapon (Swords, Daggers, etc), I studied several different styles including longsword, arming sword, rapier, baskethilt, and dagger, which has proven invaluable in recreating weapons that will perform as weapons should. I started apprenticing in 2005, I started with leather working, carving, and then moved into cutlery work (hilting and putting handles on blades) and then forging. I started forging in my own shop in 2012 under the Bear Mountain Forge name.

My first full smithy was at the foot of Bear Mountain, in Chugiak, Alaska. I worked out of that shop until I moved to Western Washington in the fall of 2018, where I continue to be based out of. 

I have been fortunate over the years to learn from some true legends and greats in the smithing world. I've also had the opportunity to do hands-on studies of surviving pieces in museums and private collections, which has been invaluable in understanding how to recreate these weapons.  I'm a member of the Association of Alaskan Blacksmiths, and the American Bladesmith Society,  

I tend to only use known steel, and take care to achieve proper heat treat and tempering appropriate for the piece I'm creating. I love exotic materials, beautiful wood, and doing file work/engraving, which I feel sets my pieces apart. My goal is to make functioning, practical, and beautiful tools and weapons to be used over a lifetime. 

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